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An integrated and flexible program to develop and embed brand centric vision and strategy at an organisational, functional or team level. The phases include orientation, information gathering, analysis, a vision and strategy workshop and steps to implementation. This leads to a 3-5 year brand centric vision based on solid information, and a clearly communicated and believed-in strategy to achieve it. Change² delivers a meaningful brand-focused vision and strategy statement, a clear high level plan, precise communication messages and measures. The approach also enhances ownership and implementation through involvement and development opportunities for people, putting the brand at the heart of the strategy.


One of the most common mistakes for an organisation in building brands is a lack of understanding of the brand and its positioning within the teams. This results in a lack of focus, ineffective messaging and a waste of resources across the organisation.

The Brand² programs offer consumer-focused ways to improve the brand's performance; within the organisation and market. The programs include brand diligence and audit, development of shopper and consumer insights, brand positioning, integrated communications and development of brand blue prints / books.

Clara Real Insights®

Clara has been designed to align teams around reliable, deep understanding of consumer attitudes and leverage them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication and innovations. Clara combines over 30 years’ experience of building brands in highly competitive markets around the world, with the world’s most comprehensive and accurate psychometric tool (Pathfinder) based on 35 years of psychology research. It was developed to ensure that deep and distinctive consumer insight drives opportunities for Brands to connect closer with consumers.


The most important assets of an organisation are its Brands and the most important resource in building brands are its people, therefore it seems strange that most change and leadership programmes will focus strongly on people and culture but not on growing brand value. Growth² offers a suite of products to deliver exponential growth through change and executive learning. Programs include living the brand throughout the organisation, Executive Leadership development and Pathfinder.


Innovation is one of the main drivers of Brand Value. With great innovation, customers and consumers will buy more, more frequently, and buy more across your product range and even potentially pay more for more added value. Innovation is not just product focussed. Great innovation can also cover communication, point of sale, processes, training and people. Innovate² encompasses a number of programs to help organisations to develop stronger and more successful break through, brand centric and brand building innovations.

Sales² & Shopper²

Sales and Trade Marketing functions, departments and teams are often ‘left out’ of Brand building discussions. In the past these teams were tasked to sell product while it was marketing who had the responsibility to build brands. Sales and Trade Marketing are now rightly recognised as the critical levers to build Brands in the sales environment. Sales² and Shopper² were developed to help organisations and sales and shopper teams to deliver, communicate and build brands through sales and shopper marketing.