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Innovation ‘The quick or the dead…?’

Are you trying to re-invent the wheel? Is it just about improving it or do you want to get rid of the wheel all together?

Innovation…. the word is thrown around quite casually with the assumption that people know what it is or what to do with it. But not everyone does and that’s where many organisations fall short.

Achieving innovation success isn’t easy and can just be luck! However, consistent innovation delivery is much more difficult, and luck NEVER comes into it.

You might have the next big idea but is your business competent enough to drive the innovation to its maximum potential? Do you know your competency gaps, what you should prioritise and how to address them?

We can help you!

FREE Innovation Competency Survey Opportunity – how do you measure up? First 10 completed, qualifying responses in Australia or New Zealand receive a no obligation complimentary consulting session.

  1. Aspire: Set a vision in place for the organisation that embeds innovation in the culture. Create financial and non-financial business objectives that require significant innovation to deliver and align leadership thought-out this process.
  2. Choose: Prioritise areas in which innovation should occur, understand where the business’s strengths can be best leveraged, where new capabilities are needed for success and ensure there is alignment among all business functions.
  3. Discover: Explore upcoming growth opportunities through a business, market and technological lens and develop learnings and insights to help the organisation create differentiated value propositions.
  4. Evolve: Look for possibilities to improve market intelligence, position in the value chain and existing business models.
  5. Accelerate: Ensure there is a culture of collaboration and exchange of ideas between cross-functional teams, with a strong agile project management system in place.
  6. Scale: Prepare to expand rapidly to drive adoption and create barriers for followers when you sense you’re onto a winner, by investing in technology, talent and operations.
  7. Extend: Involve strategic networks and partners beyond your business to expand innovation pathways and create a culture of collaborative thinking.
  8. Mobilise: Establish clear roles and responsibilities, encourage learning and collaboration and foster an environment of support, growth and open-mindedness.

These outcomes are aligned to similar research conducted by Stage-Gate® International and other organisations. How do you think your business rates against these eight essentials? What are some other critical success factors for your business?

We’ve developed a simple and effective Innovation Competency Survey that can help you evaluate your decision. The ‘XPotential Innovation Capability Benchmarking’ survey is based on global best practice and sourced from multiple references with over 70 years of combined experience driving innovation within large corporations and start-ups. The framework is relevant for large and small organisations developing new products or services. It’s been tested with over 120 people across 64 companies in the ‘Fast n Furious Innovation’ short course we have run with Australia’s ‘Department of Industry Innovation and Science’ and ‘Food Innovation Australia Ltd.’

If you’re serious about improving your business’s innovation performance and want some insight into where to start, then take our Innovation Competency Survey and receive your FREE report within 48 hours.

For the first 10 qualifying companies we’ll also throw in a 30-minute free consult session.

Click link below or use the email address to contact us and we’ll get you started.

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