STRATEGISATION - The Art of Mobilising people to Implement a Winning Strategy

Check here – Is your strategy good, bad, ugly or GREAT?

As a business leader responsible for developing a strategy for your business, how do you rate your strategy against the four critical success factors that must be adhered to, to achieve a successful outcome?

Do you know what the four critical success factors for creating a GREAT strategy are?

Here’s a cheat sheet:

CONSISTENCY: Strategy provides coherence to organisational action.

  • Do problems in coordination and planning continue to exist despite changes in people?
  • Does the objective structure in your organisation mean success, for one department but mean failure for another?
  • Do operating problems continue to be brought to top management for the resolution of policy issues despite attempts to delegate authority?

CONSONANCE: Strategy matches or is adapted to its environment.

  • Does your business have a clear understanding of the market it’s in as a whole and why it generally exists?
  • Will the value created by your organisation’s strategy be disrupted in the current or forecasted changes in economic, social, environmental or societal conditions?
  • Will new technologies or changes to supply chains disrupt the current strategy and create risks to the growth and value creation objectives of your organisation?

ADVANTAGE: A relevant, enduring competitive advantage is created.

Does your business:

  • Have relevant and superior RESOURCES for your industry that allow you to do more or do things better than your competitors?
  • Have relevant and superior SKILLS for your industry that allow you to do more or do things better than your rivals?
  • Would it be so costly for rivals to capture that it deters them from attacking this business?

FEASIBILITY:  The organisation has the capability to implement the strategy.

  Has your organisation:

  • Got the physical, human, and ­financial resources available?
  • Demonstrated it possesses the problem-solving abilities and/or special competencies required by the strategy?
  • Demonstrated the degree of coordination and integrative skill required to carry out the strategy?
  • Does your strategy challenge and motivate key personnel and is it acceptable to those who must lend their support?

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How does your strategy stack up?

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