STRATEGISATION - The Art of Mobilising people to Implement a Winning Strategy

Business leaders worldwide know the frustration of having painstakingly developed a strategy for their business only to have it consigned to a filing cabinet somewhere on the cloud, because it falls at the final hurdle – implementation.

Strategy implementation fails for a variety of reasons. Errors can include: thinking that setting goals and prioritising initiatives is a strategy, addressing symptoms without addressing root cause issues, wasting millions on using big ‘consulting’ firms, and the biggest pitfall of all – not mobilising your people (from the coalface to the boardroom) in the development of the strategy from the get-go.

“Mobilisation of a strategic population within an organisation is the critical success factor that ensures strategy implementation is effective. If you don’t engage your people emotionally and intellectually and galvanise them to act, your strategy is just words on a page, destined for costly failure.” Mike Harley, the co-author of ‘Strategisation – The Art of Mobilising People to Implement a Winning Strategy’, says.

Mike is a seasoned marketer and business leader – with 35 years of international corporate and consulting experience. In ‘Strategisation’, he has developed a framework and a step-by-step guide to achieving successful implementation by mobilising the people in your organisation. He describes mobilisation as ‘The Glue’ that holds the framework together, “Mobilisation is what turns the wheels, it is what provides the momentum, the movement the action”, he says.

Richard Goodrich, Managing Director – Aprais Pty Ltd, says, ‘Strategisation is a seriously impressive guide both intellectually and practically. The advice, context, and recommendations are truths that experienced business and marketing professionals would do well to refresh themselves with. Equally, as much as the next generation will learn if they are smart enough read it.’

Strategisation (ISBN 978-1-922553-66-9) is available NOW at $34.95 RRP. Free shipping within Australia. Bicycles4Humanity – Melbourne will receive a $5 donation from each website sale. Also available at Amazon and Booktopia in hard copy and eBook formats. Free Book Launch Webinar at 5 pm AEDT on Monday, December 6th, 2021.

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