Chemmart – (Now Terry White Chemmart)

Case Study |Strategy Alignment and Business Mobilisation


As one of the leading Pharmacy networks in Australia with over 180 members Chemmart operated in the highly regulated but fast-changing healthcare environment, with pressure from government regulation, population demographics, and customer expectations as well as fierce competition from the Chemist Warehouse.

To effectively compete and achieve growth in this changing marketplace Chemmart needed to make a cohesive step change in strategy with a differentiated value proposition that was customer-focused and built on the brands historic strengths.

The essence of a strategy and action plan was ready but the CEO needed a vehicle to deliver it in a manner that would capture the hearts and minds of current pharmacy members and attract new members to the network. This required a change management program to galvanise and align action within the Chemmart head office and pharmacy network to transform the customer experience and improve performance for Chemmart pharmacies and the group as a whole.


To align behind a strategy and its consistent execution that will be the catalyst for increased customer foot traffic, basket size, and loyalty. This will enhance our ability to offer value to the community and your businesses.

The Process

Phase 1 Alignment and Mobilisation Planning

Step 1: Advisory Board Vision & Strategy Review Workshop

Step 2: Head Office Strategy Review & Action Planning workshop

Step 3: Initial Pharmacy Mobilisation Planning

Phase 2 – Mobilisation 

Step One – Pharmacy Alignment & Mobilisation 

  • 6 State Strategy & Planning Meetings held over 4 weeks – 255 people and 186 Pharmacies
  • Live digital feedback on each Pharmacy’s understanding and commitment to the strategy was collected to facilitate direct feedback and resolution of issues
  • Individual pharmacy plans developed and captured digitally to send to each Pharmacy and Business Development Manager for post meeting follow up.

Step 2 – Next Step Mobilisation Planning- Measure, Learn, Adapt  

  • Pharmacy engagement level segmentation analysis and implications review
  • Advisory board progress and alignment on key follow-up actions

“Well done,..Excellent network meeting ..Great to see..Keen to focus and follow up process on action plans..That’s just so important, otherwise , events like these are just good ideas, instead of great ideas that make a change!” Participating Pharmacist  

Mike worked with me and my leadership team on strategic change management in 2015/16 and delivered a fantastic program. He challenged us to articulate our strategies in a language that would be effective with our Network and we achieved great results. I would thoroughly recommend Mike and aim to work with him again. our vision, objectives and strategies in a logical and thorough manner.

Duncan Phillips – CEO Terry White Chemmart 

Successful Outcomes
  • >85% of pharmacies were likely or highly likely to support the Vision, Strategy and initial implementation plan
  • 80% of pharmacies believed they could deliver the priority actions for their pharmacy on time.
  • > 97% of Pharmacies AGREE or STRONGLY AGREE that ‘Attending this meeting was of real value to me and my business’
  • 94% of Pharmacies rated the meetings as ABOVE AVERAGE or EXCELLENT


In 2016, soon after completing this project, Chemmart merged with Terry White to create Terry White Chemmart.  Many of the outcomes of this project were instrumental in guiding the merger. 




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