Dairy Australia

Case Study | Rebuilding an Industry's Reputation

Development of an Industry Communications and Vision Strategy

The Challenge

XPotential were asked to develop a compelling brand positioning, vision, strategy and objectives that would re-build ‘brand dairy’, reunite the industry and create a positive attitude towards dairy products and the industry as a whole.


The dairy industry had seen 10 years of stagnant growth and declining confidence from farmers and industry. Dairy Australia recognised that a major change was required in the way they promoted both dairy products and the industry as a whole. Communication programs to farmers, consumers and other key industry stakeholders was fragmented, inconsistent and reactive. The health and wellbeing benefits of dairy for consumers had been undermined by various NGO’s, health bodies and other influencers with the contribution to the economy, particularly in rural areas, not being recognised by politicians or the broader community.

The Vision & Strategy Process
  1. Data from over 50 different industry documents and interviews with over 50 farmers,
    company and industry body representatives from around Australia were undertaken to
    precisely define the priority communication issues and identify opportunities.
  2. A ‘Brand Dairy’ vision, strategy and objectives was established with key stakeholders to
    clearly articulate what needed to be done from a communications perspective to
    support industry growth.
  3. A key stakeholder segmentation model, ’Brand Dairy’ positioning and communications
    brief was developed with the marketing team and used to appoint a new advertising
  4. We worked with the marketing team and agency to develop the communications
    strategy and marketing communications objectives.
Successful Outcomes

“Meeting the needs of a broad range of stakeholders can be challenging, however Mike’s ability to personally engage with and understand our stakeholders views enabled us to develop a brand platform that the industry can all be proud of. The team’s knowledge of the industry and enthusiasm to deliver a great result made working with them a great experience.”
— Glenys Zucco, Consumer Marketing and Communications at Dairy Australia

The Legendairy™ communications platform was launched in March/ April 2013 to farmers
and August 2013 to consumers.
Over 55 positive farmer profiles, articles and videos featured in regional newspapers,
magazines and industry newsletters and online. Of the 92% of dairy farmers who have had
conversations about the industry with people inside and/or outside the industry:

  • 40% have only spoken positively – an increase from 11% in 2013.
  • 48% have had both positive and negative conversations.
  • 11% have only spoken negatively – a decrease from 29% in 2013.
  • At the same time, positive dairy farmer sentiment about the future of the industry is on an upward trend for the first time in six years.

XPotential were subsequently engaged by Dairy Australia to review and provide recommendations on the promotion program in export markets for the Australian dairy industry, which led to a more recent engagement with Dairy Australia, Meat & Livestock Australia, Wine Australia, Hort Innovation and Austrade on the collective promotion of Australian Food & Wine in China.




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