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Case Study | Super Claiming - Invigorating a brand

The Challenge

To develop 5 Super Claims for the Moov Treatment range that create a unique and relevant efficacy claim, giving people including pharmacists, family and friends a compelling reason to recommend
Moov over other brands and thereby increase market share to 30% (from 24.99), by June 2016.


The Moov Treatment Range had experienced flat category over the past two years. With over 90% of sales coming from pharmacy and consumers travelling to pharmacy to make a planned purchase, (to seek the pharmacists’ advice). It was imperative to define and highlight the benefits that Moov has over competitor products –so that the pharmacist and staff can confidently advise customers. This is a transient market where head lice outbreaks are unpredictable and consumers often experience stigma associated with this category and are likely to make an emotional purchase, wanting an immediate result. The number 1 purchase motivator is a brand they can trust to effectively kill head lice and eggs.  Brand growth is primarily driven via switch of competitor sales where 6 key brands hold majority of sales. The opportunity exists for future growth in companion sales, conditioners, combs etc., but the core treatment range needed stronger differentiation as the heart of the brand.

“The highlight of the workshop for me
was the group discussion and
collaboration which generated
excitement & energy in the team. Fresh
thinking and new information and
ideas were presented for the brand”

Marketing Director at EGO

The Process

Working with the Moov team, XPotential implemented a Super Claiming project, to develop powerful, insight-driven new claims based on the existing product. This consisted of 3 key phases:

1. Information Gathering – Working with key team members and agency, we gathered information to create inspiring presentations for workshop, which would provide the stimulus for developing Super Claims.
2. Super Claiming Workshop – the workshop was attended by a cross functional team, who were guided in developing Super Claims, based on understanding of insights, competitors and products.
3. Output report and Next Steps meeting. For the first time EGO had Sales, Marketing, R&D and Agency people in the same workshop developing a solution that would win for them all.

Successful Outcomes

Brand Activation

  • New ‘Twice as Effective’ claim launched
  • Approval for development of new advertising support


EGO was recognised as the Australian Pharmacy’s business partner of choice at the ASMI Diamond Awards, the best ‘Small Budget Campaign’ went to EGO for their MOOV Deadlice campaign, which saw EGO own the path to purchase at all touch points during the critical weeks of peak lice season – a clever way to minimise budget wastage and maximise impact. 




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