EGO Pharmaceuticals

Case Study |2024 Commercial Strategy


To bring EGO brands to more people around the world and be recognised as the champions of the science of healthy skin we must be aligned on a global strategy and its implementation that balances investment in growing demand with growing supply .


EGO Pharmaceuticals’  revenue is generated across 24 nations around the world. While Australia still represents around 50% of revenue, growth in export markets is a major opportunity to generate further demand for EGO brands.

The use of science to develop and promote healthy skin products alongside their strong customer focus within the Australian pharmacy channel provides a strong platform to leverage in international markets. As global borders become more transparent and issues created around pricing and promotional alignment become apparent, the need to ensure that synergies and learnings across markets are maximised needs to be addressed.

EGO has recently transformed the organisation design to recognise international growth opportunities and to facilitate a longer term planning horizon, greater alignment and a more structured operating environment. The key challenge now is to maintain the value driven spirit at the core of EGO as the new operating principles are embedded.

XPotential were engaged to provide a proposal to challenge & facilitate the development of a 2024 Strategy, Objectives and Plan that aligns the EGO Commercial Division on a pathway forward and integrates the needs of the Scientific and Operations Division.

The Process

Three Stages

1. Information gathering including in-depth interviews with key stakeholders across the commercial, science and operations divisions.
2. Insights & opportunities analysis: 1/2 day workshop to align on the priority insights & opportunities to be addressed within the strategy.
3. Strategy development & high-level plan: 2 day workshop integrated with 1 day team development workshop:
            – Prioritise & align commercial leadership team on the strategies & objectives needed to deliver the growth aspirations whilst reinforcing the mission and values of EGO.
            – Ensure alignment with the needs of the Scientific and Operations division.
            – Agree on priority initiatives with draft project scopes, roles and responsibilities.

Research work and workshop structure was fantastic and put everything into perspective. It feels like we have something to walk away with and work on, everything we did made sense and it was in an appropriate order and had a reason.

Very professional workshop which drove the development of our vision, objectives and strategies in a logical and thorough manner.

Successful Outcomes

Post workshop survey feedback

  • Net promoter score: 58
  • 100% of participants liked or extremely liked the workshop
  • 100% of participants either agree or strongly agree that the workshop was of real value to me or my business
  • 100% either agree or strongly agree that they will deliver the actions identified in the workshop.

Following the workshop the Commercial team has proactively engaged with the Scientific and Operations Divisions to align on a combined strategy that has been agreed with the board and sets the pathway towards 2024.




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