Case Study | Creating a Health & Nutrition Vision & Strategy


XPotential were approached by the Simplot Australia (SAPL) Nutrition team to assist in the development of a Health and Nutrition (H&N) Strategy and Implementation plan that builds on the SAPL Vision and Strategy. It clearly articulates how it will create added value to the current brand and innovation portfolio. It will also align the organisation behind the guiding principles and commitments that shows how SAPL adds value to our community.


SAPL identified the need to develop a H&N strategy to enable them to leverage the strengths of their brand portfolio and take advantage of the profitable growth opportunities available through providing healthy foods solutions in the current and future market environment. 

Ranked within the Top 23 Australian Food and Beverage suppliers and with a retail portfolio of 87% of its product with 3.5 Health Star ratings or above, SAPL’s brands already played a major role in the future health and wellness of the Australian population. SAPL also provide the largest range of Australian grown vegetables with most of its major brands’ core strengths in health and wellbeing.

SAPL’s sustainability commitment ‘Bringing the Earth’s Resources to Life’ would increasingly require it to have a clear position on how its products contribute to the Health and Wellbeing of the communities where its products are both produced and consumed.

The Process

1. Information was gathered by XPotential and the client about the external environment in the areas  of sustainability, nutrition and corporate health along with reviewing the internal systems, capabilities and portfolio position in relation to health and nutrition.

2. Individual and group internal interviews were conducted to gain an understanding of the needs, issues and barriers to more proactively leveraging nutrition as a differentiator within the business, across different brands and channels as well as capturing ideas about how to improve nutrition communications. 

3. Analysis of the data collected was conducted with key staff to identify the major issues, opportunities and internal barriers to adopting a more proactive approach to promoting the nutritional benefits of SAPL brands. 

4. A Health and Nutrition Vision, Strategy and action plan was workshopped and developed with key staff.

5. The Nutrition team organisation structure, roles and cross-functional engagement processes were refined and a mobilisation plan was designed with the nutrition and corporate communications team.

Successful Outcomes

1. The SAPL H&N Strategy was adopted by the Executive team.

2. Changes were made to the SAPL Vision and Strategy to more directly highlight the role nutrition will play in future business growth. This was cascaded to the Research & Innovation team strategy.

3. The role of the nutrition was more clearly defined within the company.

4. SAPL is more proactive in engaging health care professionals and dietitians about the nutritional benefits of its brands.

5. It raised the awareness of health as a business growth and profit driver.




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