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Export Accelerator - Ready? Set - GO!

The Challenge

To develop an integrated market entry strategy and plan that incorporates key learning from operations in Japan and Australia, adapted for the Chinese culture, language and business environment. This must include a China specific marketing and customer engagement plan, identify potential in-market partnerships with appropriate distributors, food brand owners and retailers.


In 2018 The Healthy Grain (THG) export strategy identified China as the priority export market for BARLEYmax™, over the next 3 years,  BARLEYmax™ was developed and patented by the CSIRO to address some of the world’s chronic health problems including Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular disease and Colon Cancer.

The growing middle class in China are highly conscious of health and diet, with products and ingredients from Australia seen to be highly nutritious and safe. As consumption of barley in China is already relatively high, conversion to BARLEYmax™ from a diet and ingredient processing perspective seemed to present a significant opportunity.

THG had already made initial steps into the China market but sought to accelerate growth & needed support in developing a brand strategy, market entry and implementation plan designed to address the unique cultural and marketing communications environment.

As successful recipients of The Victorian Government ‘Boost Your Business’ China Accelerator Voucher Programme they were able to engage XPotential to assist with implementing this project

THE ready? SET -GO! Process

A unique approach to accelerate export growth developed by XPotential & Export Connect working with CLCA on China specific projects.

a. Scope the Project including website culture and language adaptation.
b. Align the THG team on the process and outcomes.
c. Support the Victorian Government Boost Your Business voucher Programme application.

SET ->
a. Develop the China specific marketing communication plan that prioritises the role of each touch point within the China market for market entry and adapt brand positioning, Chinese brand name & claims.
b. Assess market categories and alternative pathways for market development and in market pricing of potential consumer products that could include BARLEYmax™ as a benchmark vs. Australia.
c. Identify a list of and potential buyers, food companies and distributors that could be interested in BARLEYmax™.

a. Develop Chinese marketing materials including: an Australian hosted website in Mandarin, translation of pamphlets, video and the Scientific Nutrition Report.

Successful Outcomes
Barley hands

“The XPotential Export Accelerator Project has fast-tracked our entry into the Chinese market. The wealth of experience we were able to harness through the XPotential, Export Connect and CLCA teams provided us the insight and guidance we required to be able to tailor our market entry, brand strategy and communications to meet the demands of this highly specialized market.”

– Robert Burbury,                                                                  Chief Executive Officer at The Healthy Grain

  • THG gained a much deeper understanding of the requirements to develop a successful business in China in terms of risks, opportunities and critical success factors.
  •  BARLEYmax™ now has a Chinese name and tagline adapted from the successful value proposition in Japan and meeting the needs of the local market (see above).
  • THG China website has been successfully launched on time and on budget:
  • Relevant URL registration for IP Protection has been completed.
  • Connections with potential partners are identified and available for THG to follow through in market .




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