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Case Study | Total Tools

Vision, Strategy and Values Creation and Mobilisation

The Challenge

To be the professional tool retailer of choice and achieve over $1 Billion in revenue by 2021 and profitable growth for its shareholders and franchisees, Total Tools must develop and implement a revised vision, values and strategy that rapidly adapts to the new retail environment and aligns and mobilises key stakeholders so they remain key advocates for the brand.


When a few business owners who sold tools to tradies got together to create a buying group 30 years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that today they would be Australia’s leading professional tool retailer. The Total Tools franchise network now has over 80 stores and has doubled its revenue and the number of stores, developing a large and flourishing partner network. This rapid growth meant that the past vision, values and strategy were no longer an appropriate fit, with systems, processes and organisational structure at the National Support office all needing an upgrade. The retail environment had also entered a new era with the rise of eCommerce, new competitors encroaching on Total Tools turf and a slow-down in the building and construction industries. 

THE ready? SET -GO! Process

XPotential were engaged to lead the Executive team through the process of developing a new Vision, Values and Strategy that challenged internal thinking and provided insight on how the rapidly changing retail environment needed to be addressed whilst, most importantly, aligning everyone in the business to leverage past success while addressing the future market needs and opportunities.

Phase 1; Vision, Values and  Strategy – The 3 step Process

    • Assess the market and current business operations to  prioritise the issues and opportunities that need to be addressed in the strategy
    • Design ,facilitate and provide expert input into a 2 day vision and strategy workshop with the Total Tools Executive Team
    • Align the Executive team on the future Vision, Values and Strategy with the key initiative required to bring the strategy to life.

Phase 2: Aligning the National Support Office and Franchisee Network

    • Board alignment and commitment to the vision, values and strategy
    • National Support Office cross-functional Vision, Values & Strategy sharing, feedback and planning session
    • Franchisee Conference – Vision, Strategy and Planning session
    • facilitation with live digital feedback and franchisee action planning with over 70 attendees.

Phase 3: Fast Track strategy implementation planning and Network mobilisation

    • Strategic Objectives Cascade –cascading the company strategic SMART objectives down to each functional area
    • Project Management Framework and Prioritisation system development
    • Franchisee Network Mobilisation and Store Plan Performance Tracking – building on the franchisee conference action plans.
Successful Outcomes

‘Mike and Ewan immersed themselves within the TT organisation enabling them to provide insights and support for the executive team to develop our recently launched 2025 Strategy. Phase 2 / 3 engagement was also excellent, bringing  the strategy to life with multiple stakeholders.’

 – Paul Dumbrell, CEO Total Tools

‘It’s great to have some direction for the future. I have a positive sense that the business will grow & become stronger. I like the balance of listening and committing to mutual action. Important that we all do what we say to deliver on a healthier business & improved relationship between all stakeholders’.

– Franchisee


Phase 1– An executive team fully aligned and committed to the Vision and Strategy outcomes and with a greater understanding of the transformation needed in the business to meet the business challenge. 

Phase 2 A critical mass of Staff and Franchisee’s understand and commit to living and delivering the Vision, Values and Strategy. 

Phase 3 The Vision, Values and Strategy is now coming to life through the implementation of key initiatives across the business. 

100% of participants either AGREE or STRONGLY AGREE with the statements ‘Attending this workshop was of real value to me and my business’ and ‘I will deliver the actions identified in the workshop’.

Post franchisee conference survey indicated that 96% of attendees ‘feel committed to implement the new Vision, Strategy and Values’.




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