Advanced Winning Export Market Entry

Advanced Winning Export Market Entry

The Winning Export Market Entry Programme is designed for Food and Beverage company executives and export managers who have already attended the ‘Are You Ready for Export?’ workshop or people with previous export experience. It builds on concepts and tools covered in our entry level course and ideally is run within companies or in open workshops with 2 – 3 people from each business.

Businesses may fit into the following categories:

    1. Those who have decided to export and need a quick kick start or wish to refine the export plan
    2. Businesses relatively new to exporting, may have started opportunistically and now need to plan for the future
    3. Businesses who need to rethink their export business strategy and want to kick-start this process.

The programme framework is outlined below and incorporates 3 integrated stages including a one-day workshop

The programme is tailored for the participating business or businesses and delves more deeply into the following elements:

    • Market prioritisation and selection
    • Target consumers and customer identification
    • Creating the Hero Product range
    • Company profile building and partner selection based on the ideal market entry model for your business
    • Brand Activation – creating the 3-way win for the Shopper, Customer and You.
    • Creating the perfect pitch to engage with buyers and potential in-market partners.

The Pre-Workshop briefing ensures businesses are well prepared for maximising outputs from the workshops. A unique feature is the individual mentoring opportunity after the workshop to allow participants review progress with the Senior Associate who facilitates the workshop and gain further guidance on how to implement their export plan.

For businesses who have already completed the ‘Winning Market Exports’ programme or seek more a tailored approach you may be interested in our ‘Ready? Set-> Go!’ framework for accelerating export growth.

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