Are You Ready for Export?

Are You Ready for Export?

The ‘Are You Ready for Export?’ workshop helps you quickly learn the critical elements of developing a successful export business while developing your own export plan. We utilise the experience of Senior Associates who have all worked in export markets for over 20 years to ensure the experience is practical and brings the challenges of exporting to life.

Designed specifically to help value added food and agricultural businesses, our one-day Active Learning workshop captures the key elements of your own export plan on a digital template which you receive within 48 hours of completing the workshop

“I just didn’t know what I didn’t know before this workshop”
Bryn Pears, Owner – Silly Yak Foods, Melbourne

The workshop covers the following elements:

a. Critical Elements of building a successful export business and a self-diagnostic of your own capabilities
b. Why Export? What role will export play in your broader business strategy
c. Where to Go? Market Prioritisation, the importance and key criteria
d. Who is your target consumer/ customer?
e. Who are your Competitors? Potential implications
f. What’s different? How will your brand and products differentiate from the competition?
g. Which sales channel and Customer type will you target? How will you select partners in market?
h. Which Market Entry Model is right for you? The options with Pro’s and Con’s for each
i. What are the key execution elements to consider? Marketing, Regulations, Tariff’s and Legal protection
j. How to build your value chain and pricing strategy?

This workshop has been run over 25 times in conjunction with Food Innovation Australia Limited, Federal, State and Local Governments throughout Australia.

The day was an undoubted success and we have had very good feedback from the companies. Look forward to working together further in the future.”
Craig Ford – TradeStart Advisor, Gold Coast, Queensland

For businesses who have already completed the ‘Are You Ready for Export?’ workshop or have some experience of exporting already but wish to learn more you may be interested in our ‘Winning Market Exports’ programme or ‘Ready? Set-> Go!’ Framework for accelerating export growth.

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