Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

The Brand Positioning programme guides your business through the development of a competitively differentiated brand positioning statement, values and personality that will act as the platform for all other elements of growing your brand and business.

Our programme is flexible and can be adapted to meet your specific needs. Our core active learning methodology and KUBA change management approach are utilised to ensure alignment on the specific outcomes and to embed ownership of the execution plan while building the internal capability of the people in your business, wherever possible we will encourage broad involvement across functions and agencies.

A compelling brand positioning aligns with the broader business strategy and consists of the following components:

1.An appropriate target audience or consumer base that is clearly defined

2.A well-developed and researched market place or frame of reference

3.A thorough understanding of the brand’s unique benefits and features

4.A convincing reason to believe that the brand delivers on its promises

5.An established brand personality and set of brand values

By encompassing all of these aspects, you will have the platform to create a strong brand vision and strategy, develop integrated brand communications that resonate and deliver results, provide a compelling platform for the sales team and create the springboard for future brand led innovation.

If you believe your brand needs greater differentiation from competitors and you have a desire to stand out in the crowd and want to find out more then please get in touch:
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