Business Planning for Maximum Growth

Designed for small and micro enterprises (less than 20 employees), the ‘Business Planning for Maximum Growth’ programme is conducted over 4 half day ‘Masterclass’ workshops that run over a period of 8 to 12 weeks.

We use our Active Learning approach which involves attendees using key tools and techniques applied to their own business challenge, bringing these themes to life and embedding learning –  participants leave each Masterclass with an action plan that they have developed to use in their business and to prepare for the following modules:

The program can be tailored to meet a specific group of companies or geographies with core modules covering the following areas:

1) Masterclass One:  Your Business Plan for Growth

Understand why you need a Business Plan to take your business to the next level and what to include in a good business plan.

  • Work on your business challenge statement
  • Create a draft One Page Business Plan – this will be used throughout the rest of the programme
  • Identify immediate priorities and create an action plan
  • Provide time to think about and plan your businesses future with highly experienced facilitators

2) Masterclass Two: Control your Business Finances

Understand the fundamental numbers that drive business success, think about your numbers, gain some insights and identify areas for further investigation.

  • How to read your financial reports and what measures matter
  • What the numbers mean and how to influence them
  • Why ‘Cash is King’ and how to manage it
  • Creating a balanced scorecard and the importance of lead not just lag indicators
  • The importance of getting good professional advice

3) Masterclass Three: Creating Customer Demand

Understand the principals of building consumer and customer engagement to create sales or leads in the digital age with a focus on understanding your target market, why they should be interested in your offer and how to reach them. The basics of marketing.

  • Translate your Business Objectives into SMART Marketing Objectives
  • Define the Priority Target Consumer/ Customer for your brand and business
  • Develop your differentiated brand positioning
  • Clarify the consumer behaviour change you require to increase revenue and margin
  • Identify the ‘High-Voltage Touch Points’ where you can most effectively communicate with your target consumer
  • Develop a basic Marketing Plan (Plan on a Page)

4) Masterclass Four: Pitch Perfect, Network like a Pro

Translate your offer into a value proposition that articulates quickly and effectively why a lead or potential customer should consider you and your business.

  • The principle of pricing strategy and execution – Value and Price
  • Explore Benefits and Features to help clarify your offer
  • Networking and Sales in the Digital Age- what Business Development looks like today
  • Pitching Your Business -learn how to execute the ‘Elevator Pitch’
  • Develop a 4 week action plan

This program was designed in collaboration with Hugh O’Donnell – High Performance Consortium 




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