Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications

This training programme, run as a workshop has been designed by XPotential, in collaboration with leading brand owners, creative agencies and media houses, as a practical and pragmatic training solution for developing an integrated communications strategy.

With an overdose of information and advertising clutter, it is essential for brands to stand out and create a differentiated position for themselves, by delivering aligned and focussed messages across appropriate media platforms.

In a world where we no longer control all aspects of brand communication, it is essential for brands to adopt an integrated marketing plan. We take program participants through the 6 building blocks of developing an effective and efficient communications strategy while working with real examples and challenges within your business to deliver faster results.  The 6 building blocks are:

    • The New Media World
    • The Consumer Anchor
    • The Consumer Journey
    • Managing the Consumer Journey
    • Selecting High-Voltage Touch Points
    • Managing Integrated Communications in your organisation

The training programme is adapted to meet the specific needs of your business and  usually takes three days to complete – it  can also be run over consecutive days or staggered over a period of time .

If you believe your marketing or agency team could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing communications then get in touch with us at, for an objective discussion on whether this or one of our other programmes would help.
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