Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go

Ready? Set-> Go!

This program is designed to accelerate commercial outcomes and cater to the very unique export requirements of businesses, in the Value Added Food and Agricultural sector. The three-step engagement framework is adapted to meet the specific needs and budgets of each business.  As with all XPotential programmes our focus is on aligning people towards a common goal, building internal capability and delivering rapid results.

The Ready? Set-> Go! framework has successfully been used with 5 businesses within the Victorian Government Boost Your Business Voucher Programme for Asia Gateway.

1. Ready?

At this stage, we work with businesses to clarify the role of export in their broader business strategy through developing an Export Challenge Statement and undertake an Export Business Readiness  self-diagnostic to identify capability strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address as part of the following stages. This ensures we deliver the right support to ensure that export growth is built on a solid foundation for financially sustainability.

2. Set ->

This stage is usually completed prior to a client market visit to ensure they are well prepared for positioned to engage with  potential buyers and partners in market:

a.Identify and agree on the priority export markets to ensure resources are focused to give the best chance of success.

b.Develop an appropriate market entry strategy based on understanding the core target audience to ensure you brand is differentiated , a hero product range and suitable channel options, to create an optimal export portfolio

c.Build a partnership selection model that aligns with the market entry strategy, your business goals and is sustainable in the long-run

d.Map the supply chain and logistics requirements, covering lead times, costs and cross-border regulatory requirements and considerations

e.Undertake an initial value chain analysis using market-based pricing and in market cost estimates to understand whether the business model is financially viable prior to validating in market .

f.Work with you to develop a customer and partner pitch that focuses on addressing the customers needs while positioning you for success in market

3. Go!

This stage focuses on supporting your business through the initial market visit and establishing relationships with potential customers and partners.  It is can be tailored for an individual market visit or aligned with group trade visits that may be available through Federal, State or Local Government programmes.  In addition we can support you in developing a strong market activation plan that focuses on drive ‘sell out’ not just ‘sell in’.

Are you Ready? Set?





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