The Vision & Strategy development process combines information analysis, active discussion and working sessions with those people in your organisation responsible for implementing the strategy. From the start our focus is on the strategy implementation to establish that short term objectives are aligned with creating sustainable value and ensuring that the people involved have the capability to deliver.

The process is flexible; it can be used to support clients in the development of strategies at different levels: corporate, brand, business unit or departmental level.

The Vision and Strategy Development process is successful for a number of reasons:

  • Provides a structured path to an output which reassures participants from the beginning – they understand what they will be creating
  • Involves the key individuals who (usually) are accountable for the strategy’s delivery and in some cases, have to implement the strategy
  • Uses information to build the vision and strategy – right people in the room to make the decisions and take or drive the actions
  • Helps tackle sensitive issues in a non-threatening way – focus is on the subject matter, not on the personalities
  • Creates a momentum for change because it engages the right people from the start – the energy for implementation is high because the group has developed the way together
  • Shows the link for successful implementation from the Strategy framework to the actions, to tactics and to personal objectives – the completed framework provides a holistic story which can be easily communicated
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