XPloding Creative

Does your brand get the advertising it deserves? Is your Client-Agency relationship agony or ecstasy?

Developed with over 10 years of both client and agency side experience, the XPloding Creative one day workshop focuses on how to work together to strengthen brand equity while building a relationship of trust and respect.

The workshop is centred around the following key principals:

Key thrusts of communication success:DISRUPT: ENGAGE: CONVINCE
Defining Success:The Brief and Brief-ING
Professional Creative Evaluation:The 3-Step Evaluation Process
Client/ Agency Partnership:The Golden Egg
If you feel that the brand you’re working on is being seen as more ‘lame duck’ than ‘golden goose’ and is not getting the visibility, it deserves, whether you’re a client or an agency, this simple approach may be just what you need as a catalyst for change. To find out more, contact us at enquires@xpotentialanz.com and we’ll be in touch.
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