STRATEGISATION - The Art of Mobilising people to Implement a Winning Strategy

Does it Always matter Who's Quickest?

Have you noticed that sometimes it’s the slow, quiet, steady ones to look out for? They’re not always flying around, capes flapping! They seemingly come from nowhere, pip you at the post & steal your glory, just like in ‘The Tortoise and the Hare‘ fable?

Speed isn’t always about running fast but running wise. There’s proof that the more thinking (planning) you do before you act, the faster you will go! XPotential founder Steve Sowerby, suggests using these 4 elements when prepping for race day in the competition for consumer loyalty:

🦸 Build on a Strong, Deep Consumer Insight: know your customer & how to reach them effectively

🦸 Create Win, Win, Win Opportunities: design your initiative to meet key stakeholders expectations

🦸 Define Success Early: ensure you’ve defined the expected outcome & align everyone to the end goal

🦸 Swallow your pride & ‘Ask for help’: don’t try to do it all yourself. Collaboration is critical in creating speed.

The Power of Mobilisation

Mobilisation sits at the centre of our Strategisation model; it is the super glue that holds the whole thing together. The other 4 elements – Strategy, Capability, People and Performance are all equally important, but without Mobilisation bonding them together, they’re just 4 separate entities.  

Recognising how critically important it is to get everybody in your organisation – (from the coal face to the boardroom) aligned and emotionally and intellectually engaged is the secret to successful strategy implementation.

Only when the people in your organisation are fully committed, galvanised, and empowered to take action will you achieve mobilisation.

Innovation doesn’t always have to mean starting from scratch

Sometimes you can ‘tweak’ what you’ve already got – whether is an existing product, formula, packaging or process – think of it as a fresh coat of paint! We call this tool  ‘SUPERCLAIMING’ .

Consider SuperClaiming as ‘up-cycling’ your product or brand. A rapid, low risk, cost -effective way of breathing new life into ‘cash-cows’ to keep them relevant.


🏆 Breathes life into the “old” without taking focus away from developing the “new”

🏆 Finds a compelling way to speak with consumers about what they did not know about your product or brand

🏆 A tactical offensive/defensive measure against the competition

🏆 Insulates core products from over cannibalisation

🏆 Delivers relevant new news and outstanding ROI

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