China has never had a ‘normal’

Virtual Roundtable Join us for an interactive discussion with industry experts who will discuss: The constant need for businesses to be listening to the marketplace and consumers/partners, and how such insights should feed into marketing and operations Sensitivity and awareness in social media content (dealing with political issues) What roles

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Taking Control of Change

By Trevor Gore The new normal is a phrase we’ve all come to know, if not love!  It is true that the world after ‘lockdown’ will be different in ways that we can’t predict and in ways that will come as a surprise and shock. However, whatever normal becomes, one

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Are your Consumer Health Products Campaigns polished and ready for entry into the prestigious Consumer Health Products Australia Diamond Awards? This year we are offering a FREE Virtual ‘ Shiny Diamond’ Masterclass to CHPA Members and their Agencies for 90 minutes on two separate dates (Thursday June 25th, Thursday July

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Stepping Up : What’s New Is Just More Digital

2020, the year everything we thought was going to happen just sped up. As I was dithering around getting ready to write this piece I was reading the World Economic Forum’ “spotlight on precision medicine” update, which basically is yet another reminder that an awful lot of the result of

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