Why Choose Us

We are...


We combine common sense with inventive solutions to meet the demands of ever changing brand environments.

Straight Talking

Our communication is honest, clear and transparent.

Authoritative Without Arrogance

We are approachable and actively listen to gain understanding and engage in dialogues not monologues. We combine past experience with present day market understanding to better enable brands to exploit future opportunities.

We believe in...

Delivering Brand Centred Solutions

Brands live and die by the impact their ‘contact’ has with customers and consumers. Every contact must be a credit to their brand equity.

Going Below The Surface

Understanding the underlying issues, not just the symptoms, will lead to the most powerful brand equity building solutions.

Being Constructive In Collaboration

Long term brand value is only built when every individual in an organisation, knows, understands, believes and acts in their role in the best interest of the Brand.

Our Unique Approach

Strategic and Brand Focussed – The Brand is the most important asset

Building our Brands is about longer term, strategic thinking and consistent, excellent communication, innovation and execution in the marketplace

Every individual in an organisation has a role to play in adding value to their Brands – their growth, innovation, market share and place in the consumers, shoppers and customers minds


We design all our programmes around the concept of KNOW, UNDERSTAND, BELIEVE and ACT

Participants need to know and understand the objectives, determine the outcomes or progress so they believe and act on them when at work

Application to the day to day business / Return on Investment

To ensure that the project delivers return on investment, it is critical there are clear actions for every individual and team to take away and accomplish to progress any agreed outcomes


We adjust the work and agenda to achieve the objectives and meet participants’ and business needs as required

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