Many of us have been flailing around in choppy waters the past 6 weeks, waiting for the sun to break through the clouds and offer us a glimmer of hope..

Although the future landscape is still far from certain I have turned my attention to forward planning as best I can. I’m finding this ‘Adaptive Planning Process ‘ from @Hugh O’Donnell (High Performance Consortium) very valuable as I navigate my way.

The process is broken down into 3 parts:

🆘 Survive: It feels like the survival phase is an almost intuitive response – life jackets on! We want to ensure our staff and families are safe, we tighten our belts, conserve cash, secure supply.

🔋Sustain: Put systems in place to keep the ship afloat and all on board safe, turn our attention towards the future – scenario planning, financial modelling, evolve business model.

🚅 Regenerate and Accelerate: Hoist the sails and full steam ahead – new customers, markets, adaptive business models (ready to weather future storms), technology enabled.

I’m excited to see where we land Post COVID-19 and ready to adapt to the changed environment.

🙋I’d love to hear what you have in your survival kit?

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